Whether you are looking for laser focus in a few areas or ready to commit to diving in deeply into your work I have put together a number of session options to help meet your needs.

Session Offerings:

Standard Sessions

60 minutes: $ 200
Standard Sessions are a great option for those who are ready to focus on one to a couple concerns and for follow-up sessions to maintain changes. This is best for laser focus of deeper processing with a limited number of presenting concerns.

Extended Sessions

75 or 90 minutes:  $235 for 75 minutes  or  $250 for 90 minutes 
A preferred option for those who are coming to counselling with a desire to target changes in a number of areas in their lives. Extended sessions also allow for the flexibility to explore deep processing of presenting concerns on multiple levels.

Marathon Sessions

120 minutes and up:
Are you ready to dive in deeply and intensely? A marathon session allows us to condense months of therapy into a single session. This is a preferred option for those who are coming in to seek support with a number of longer-term concerns in different areas of their lives, for those in a state of crisis and looking to complete a plan for moving forward in multiple areas or for those who are from out of town to seek in-depth support in person.
Marathon Sessions – anything beyond the first 60 minutes will be billed at a reduced rate.

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Investment: $200 per 60 minute sessions.

The recommended fee schedule for psychologists in Alberta is $200 based on a 50 minute session and 10 minutes for note writing.

Bonus offer in working with me: In my practice I currently offer a full 60 minutes for a one hour session and with your consent I also offer the option to send a follow up summary following your session for your reference. Overall my client’s receive an approximate 20 minutes of additional clinical time for a 60 minute session than is standard practice.

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Additional Services: If kept under 10 minutes, the first consultation with you or others involved in your care will be free of charge.  All other services will result in additional charges that will be billed in 10-minute increments at the rate of $200/hour.  This includes longer therapy sessions, telephone consultations, letters, reports, or other additional paperwork.

I also offer the option for 30 minute phone sessions for current clients when this option would be appropriate therapeutically (at the rate of $100 per 30 minutes). Please contact me directly to discuss if this option might be a good fit for you.


I accept cash, debit card, Visa and MasterCard. Payment is due at the time of each appointment unless other arrangements have been made in advance.

Cancellation and Missed Appointments Policy : 
Cancellations or changes to scheduled appointments are permitted up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. Unexcused late cancellations (less than 24 hours) and missed appointments will result in a charge of 50% of the session fee.

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