It is my first week back from maternity leave. It has been refreshing to be back in the office and back to serving clients. As I was preparing to return I have been reflecting on the evolution of my practice over the last few years. 

A year ago the concept of a home office was not even in my awareness. 

Yet spaces kept falling apart despite my best efforts and intention to find a commercial office space where I could grow my practice over the long term. 

Each attempt fell apart within a year. From buildings being sold and leases abruptly ended to noise levels becoming far too unpredictable and disruptive to be able to offer the type of healing space that I wish to provide for my clients. 

At the same time our house was starting to no longer feel like it was home. I would get unexpected flashes of the house being empty, our things no longer there. We did not have any immediate plans to sell. I was well into my second trimester, I wasn’t far enough in my business to consider most mortgage options, it wasn’t an ideal market or time of year. Yet things were also falling apart for our initial plans for the property and our energy was detaching anyways. 

These changes were not a part of my initial longer term plans. There were times where I did not see the change coming and others when I sensed from the start that I was there for a reason and not for the long term. There were times where it was stressful and frustrating to say the least. It was not what I had logically wanted or planned. 

Yet as I have done my own work on my path I have come to believe that when things are not working, despite our best efforts and intentions it is because the Universe has bigger and better plans for us.

The lack of control over the dynamics of the physical space ultimately forced me to a place where I realized I need a greater level of say in the overall energy of the setting where I do my work. This opened up the space to consider a home practice. 

When something is meant to be the Universe has a way of supporting and leading us to what is next (provided we can do the work of learning to let go of what it is time to release). 

Looking back everything that was falling apart was all so something better could ultimately come together. 

Within a ridiculously short time span (one I would not have previously believed would even be possible) we had completed minor renovations, listed and sold our house and found and purchased our new home.

I had no idea at the time how much better a home practice would serve me, my family and ultimately my clients and practice at this time.

I love the energy of the space and it takes far less energetic work to maintain.

I also did not realize how much harder it would have been to go back if I had to add the commute and could not schedule my days around being able to also connect with my baby between appointments. 

When thing fell like they are falling apart it may be the best thing that could happen. Our comfort zones can stop feeling so comfortable and can become downright painful. It may be a sign that it is time to release what has served its purpose and to continue to grow. Taking a leap into the unknown can be painful and scary, but it has been my experience that staying stuck hurts more for far longer. With time and experience we can begin to build trust that there is a larger purpose and plan for our current struggles and points of pain. 

What have been some of the challenges you have faced that have brought you to a new path or awareness?