Too much Sugar is Bad for your Health 

Can too much positivity be bad for your Mental Health? 

It is possible to be too positive. 

With all the hype about mindset there can be a push to look for the blessings and positivity to jump to gratitude in all situations.

Yes- to there is nothing wrong with the desire to get to a place of freedom, to feel grateful for the journey and the lessons along the way.

And I am not suggesting we stay stuck wallowing in self-pity and only focusing on how bad things can be.

Yet  allowing ourselves to feel our emotions isn’t about denying certain emotions or judging ourselves for feeling how we feel. 

It is vitally important to allow ourselves to actually feel our real feelings along the way. 

In the face of set backs and disappointment it is normal and perfectly ok to feel sadness, frustration, anger, grief and a host of other emotions.

Trying to force ourselves to feel otherwise is a form of spiritual bypass and toxic positivity. 

Emotions have more power when we don’t allow ourselves to feel them. 

When we push them down, suppress or ignore them, they don’t go away but they operate under the surface. 

When they are driven into the underground of the subconscious they actually have more power to creep out in harmful ways.

It is about allowing ourselves to feel our emotions and to release them in healthy, helpful ways. 

From a real and authentic foundation we can move into the practice of positive mindset, an attitude of gratitude and focus on growth. 

But authentic expression needs to be a part of the process for it to have any substance. 

It is messier but it is real.

Emotions can be messy, so can life.

It doesn’t need to all be sugarcoated. 

When it sucks, admit that it sucks. 

Let yourself feel it. 

You don’t have to rush to fix it. 

Sit with it. Breathe. 

Allow for space to open up. 

And if the thought of sitting with your emotions scares you that is ok.

Seek support, find a trusted guide. You don’t have to do it alone.