They come through us but do not belong to us
They choose us – for all the opportunities for learning and growth

We may have had soul contacts to be family in this life.
It might not be our first lifetime together (although the roles may change).

They Chose us for what we bring as well as the ancestral patterns and lessons.
For positive traits and opportunities but also for the challenges and difficult lessons.

It is still our job to do our best to be the best parents we can.
But we don’t have to be perfect.

Remember this:
Souls aren’t looking for perfect when they come to this earth school.
(We come from and return to perfect love).
Perfect was never part of the deal.

Do your best. Love your little ones. And if you need help to be your best reach out.
Do it for them. Heal what you can in yourself for them.

But remember they chose you.
Out of all the souls in all the world.
Before they even came to this world.
They chose you.
And on some level we chose them too.
Planned or not, there was always a bigger plan and purpose.

When challenges come up (and they will – it’s part of the parenting deal)
Look for the lessons in your own growth.
What is the situation trying to teach you?
What needs to be brought to light?
To heal?

They deserve our best.
We deserve our best.
But sometimes we struggle to do it for ourselves.
Do it for them.

When we do the work to end ancestral patterns we put a stop to the transmission of trauma
it could be addiction, unhealthy relationships, or a host of factors.
When we do the work, really do the work.
It ends with us.
We don’t pass it on.

When we free ourselves from the cycle we free our children
We make a new pattern possible
and we free the generation that came before us and that will come after us.