Greetings Beautiful Soul, 

You are going through a tough time right now and that is OK. Allow yourself to feel the depth of your pain. Allow the depth of your feelings to crack you open. Let it wash away everything that is not working, all that is not serving your highest good at this time anymore. Let it leave you raw and vulnerable. It is OK to not have all the answers or to know the next steps right now. Let yourself be exactly where you are. Let yourself be humbled and to stand still. 

Know that peaks and valleys are a part of the human experience. We cannot escape challenging times. Finding ourselves deep in the valleys doesn’t mean we are not a good person or have done anything wrong.

If the place you are at feels familiar to you and part of an overall pattern in your life, aim to be compassionate with yourself. Ask yourself if there is a lesson wanting to come to the surface in the midst of your pain and suffering. What is it that needs to change in your life to avoid this pattern in the future? What if the pain was a way of pushing you past your comfort zone in order to find the courage to make changes.? You may need to let go of old patterns, relationships, of limiting beliefs and to take the uncomfortable steps to step into something better.

The transition point of letting go of the old in order to step into something new is something we all want to  bypass at times. We can become so focused on where we want to be that we forget we also need to honour who we once were and where we have been. With each new beginning there is also a processing of letting go of the old. And with letting go there is grief. 

Allowing ourselves to feel the depth and the mixture of emotions that come with all change, even positive change, can help us to move more freely into the next chapter of our lives. It does not mean the change is not for the best. Sometimes the meaning in the suffering is the meaning we actively work to create out of the experience. Sometimes this awareness does not come until much later. If connecting with meaning helps use this connection to help you through this time. If it is confusing and negative, know that it does not need to make sense right now. Give yourself permission just to get through this. Allow the timing to unfold in its own accord.

Allow space to witness and feel the depth of all the emotions that may surface at difficult times. There can be a mix of sadness and loss paired with fear, excitement, happiness and relief. The heart can hold the duality of all emotions that come with change. We can be both happy and relived to be moving forward as well as to grieve the loss of old parts of ourselves. We need to acknowledge these parts, these stages, the things that have been an important part of our journey. From here we can take what is important with us. We can honour how these experiences and phases of our lives have shaped who we have become today. And we can leave what we no longer need in the past from a place of surrender, acceptance and love.  

Know that this too shall pass. You will find your way through the darkness and back into a place of light. There are gifts to be found in the depths. It is not always easy but you are stronger than you know. There are others who have been here before. None of us can avoid the trials of initiation of life but we all have what we need both within and around us.