Boundaries are our sense of where we end and where others begin. Appropriate boundaries are essential in protecting our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being. Healthy boundaries keep us safe and comfortable and also allow us to connect with others in meaningful and loving ways. Healthy boundaries protect both ourselves and our relationships with others. A healthy balance in boundaries is the awareness and respect for ourselves in what we can give without feeling depleted. It is the ability to say ‘no’ without feeling manipulated and to respect our own limits without feeling guilty.

Problems with boundaries can begin in family structures that lacked appropriate boundaries or had overly rigid boundaries. Our experiences in relationships and with others respecting (or not respecting) our personal boundaries can also alter our sense of boundaries and safety in the world.

Our boundaries can become out of balance in one of two ways. We may not realize it, but our personal boundaries may be too open and permissive or too closed, rigid and restrictive.

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