Being a seeker on your own spiritual path comes with many rewards and blessings. Unfortunately it does not exempt anyone from going through the peaks and valleys of the human experiences; there will be challenging times.

Still I am grateful for how the practice and development of my own intuitive awareness has served me even during the most challenging times.

Recently a friend and I were pulling oracle cards for each other for fun. When she turned over one of my cards I instantly had the awareness that I my husband and I would soon be making an (unexpected) trip to India, where he is from and where his family still lives. I was aware that trip would be stressful and was not for vacation purpose and I had a sense of the general time line of when we would be leaving, I also knew we were both supposed to go. I had no idea why we would be going as we did not have any plans to visit anytime soon and had not received any news but I have learned to trust these types of messages.

I told my husband about this awareness when I returned home. Having known me for as long as he has, he immediately called his family and started pushing them to know if there was anything going on that he should know about. It turned out there was a recent health diagnosis for a member of his immediate family which has been devastating for his family They had not told him or us at that time as they were trying to avoid causing stress (although spirit passed on the news in the right time anyways).

Intuition does not take away the shock, grief or the challenges that come with seeing a loved one suffering but it did make it so much easier to ‘know’ when the right time to make the trip and planning the details such as for me to know that I am supposed to join him at this time. Even though it is a difficult time I am so grateful for the connection I have built with my own intuitive awareness and the trust I have for it to guide me to the right action at the right time.

  • Have there been times when your own inner knowing has helped you navigate a challenging time or circumstance?
  • I would love to hear your comments (only what you are comfortable sharing).

We are all uniquely guided on our own paths,

With love & light,
Katie Turner