Choosing to walk your own spiritual path is not a choice for the faint of heart.

It is not all sunshine and rainbows.

It will require that all that is not authentic be brought to the surface.

There will come a time (and time again and again) that you will need to face your own shadow self and the parts of yourself you would rather not see.

You will be more uncomfortable than you thought you could bear.

It may feel like your life is crumbing around you.

You will likely face your own dark night of the soul or many, many dark nights where you will feel lost and alone.

You will wish it could be easier, that you could have just been content with the path of the everyday existence.

You will be forced to see and face your own shit. 

You will have to choose to live with the limiting patterns or to roll up your sleeves and to do the nitty gritty hard work of healing. 

There will be times where you will curse yourself and the world. 

You will feel lost and wonder how far you have strayed from your path.

Yet you will be right where you need to be.

For this is a part of the path of the light warrior. 

To find the light within you

To shine it at its full brightness in the world

You first have to face the darkness. 

You have to forge your strength in the flames of the destruction of old identities, of relationship that are no longer working. 

You have to witness the destruction with the courage and determination not to run from it.

You have to feel the pain of parts of old parts of yourself dying. 

You will have to learn to grieve, morn and ultimately let go of the old parts of your identity, beliefs and ways of being in the world that no longer serve you. 

Yet little by little your life will begin to shift. 

You will begin to embody and reflect reclaimed parts of yourself.

You will take small steps or larger leaps into living in alignment with the truth of your soul. 

There will be a time when you emerge from the darkness, a stronger, more resilient and trusting version of yourself. 

You will carry with you the badge of courage and confidence that can only come from going thought the darkness and coming out the other side. 

There will come a time where you will thank the darkness for giving you the opportunity to do the work.

It is within you already. 

Ready and waiting to break free. 

You will become a different version of yourself. 

The one you were always meant to be.