I never thought I would be an entrepreneur. Actually there was a time where I strongly believed I would never go into business myself.
Above all else I wanted to help others and to make a positive difference in the world.

I still do.

I opened my own practice in order to offer the type of service I felt deeply called to deliver and to create the type of experience I wanted to be able to offer my clients.
I wanted to do things differently. To create sacred space to offer a deeper level of support and care for each client. I wanted to serve client’s who resonated with my approach and philosophy of healing. To help clients to heal deeper parts of themselves with the flexibility for a uniquely tailed approach depending on the needs of each individual. To be aviable to client’s when they felt they need additional support, not according to when a program schedule dictates. To get out of ‘the box’. To devote my time and energy to helping sensitive souls to thrive in the world.

My desire to create this type of sacred space is the inspiration that called me to create my Psychology Practice.

I am deeply honoured anytime someone wants to work with me. However I also listen to my own intuition and clinical experience about what would be best for everyone. And there are times where I strongly believe that my saying no to work with someone is what would best support them.

1. If I sense that you could be better served by someone else. I have an excellent referral network and I would be happy to help you connect with the person or service who could best support you. At times there are areas that are outside of my expertise and I want you to receive the best support possible. Other times we just might not be the right fit. Fit is the most important factor in creating change in therapy and I would never want you to settle for less then the right fit for you.
2. If working together would put you in a stressful financial situation I want you to receive the best support in a way that is also sustainable for you.
3. If the timing is not right.

I take on less clients but tend to be more generous with my clinical time. Our work together matter deeply to me. When you commit to working with me I am 100% there and aviable for your session. I start preparing the groundwork from the moment you schedule an appointment with me and I prepare ahead of time, creating sacred space and connecting in meditation and connecting with your team as well as my own in order to best support you.

I take this work seriously and I am committed to brining my best self to support your process.
I ask that you do the same. For this reason I do not offer refunds and I request a minimum of 48 hours notice for any appointment rescheduling or cancelations or you are responsible for the full session rate. I also ask that you honour your process and my time by making the commitment to arrive on time for your scheduled appointment.

Ultimately I ask that this is a commitment you make to yourself to honour your process and the work. When you put your full energy and commitment behind your commitments this is where magic can happen.