How do I help someone else (who does not want help or is not willing to take steps for themselves)?

As a registered psychologist, I occasionally receive requests from a family member or friend who would like to schedule an appointment for someone they care about. Due to the ethical regulations of my profession I do need informed consent to connect with any adult who is not a legal dependant. At times, the person for whom the concern is about may not be aware that their loved one is calling on their behalf. If this person is an adult, their own legal guardian, and they are unable to unwilling to seek support, there is nothing I can do to force […]

3 Key Stages in my own Journey as a Highly Sensitive Person and Empath

1) Figuring out that I am a Highly Sensitive Person/Empath:

One of the major ‘ah-ha’ moments in my life occurred during an Intuitive Development workshop when I realized that my entire physical and emotional experience would shift and change as I directed my attention to the person I was partnered with for the exercises. Receiving feedback from other people that I was experiencing exactly how they were feeling, was a major eye opener. These were people that I did not know before the class and rationally could not know what was going on in their world. So it could not just […]

The Truth about Boundaries

Boundaries can get a bad rap.

What they are not about (but are often confused with):

Being selfish (its all about me, me, me!)
Shutting others out or not caring (it possible to still care deeply for someone but to love yourself enough to stay true to you)
Aggression, being harsh or otherwise mean (there are times when a more firm type of energy is called for but more often we can set strong, firm boundaries in a soft and loving way)

The downside of not honouring our boundaries:

We want to be ‘nice’ and not rock the boat, we keep quiet, we put up with […]

The Difference between Intuitive Experiences and Psychosis

Often people are hesitant to talk about intuitive experiences and may be afraid to further explore their own intuitive gifts for fear of being labeled or actually ‘going crazy’. For these reasons I think it is important to speak to the difference between psychosis types of experiences and the intuitive .

Symptoms of psychosis based on the DSM-IV include both ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ symptoms. This does not refer to ‘good or bad’ but in the sense of symptoms where something is added to everyday experience or something is taken away.

Positive symptoms of an episode of psychosis can include delusions (paranoia, fear, […]

When is it time to work with Someone? The True Cost of Doing it all on your own.

When we are considering making any change or investment in our lives a big question that comes up is around “but aren’t I managing this ok on my own”? or “I can figure this out on my own”.

I think this is rooted in a deeper cultural issue of rugged individualism. The premise is that we are somehow flawed or lacking if we cannot ‘do it all on our own’.
Enlisting support is often a significant investment, of time, money and energy. This is often an objection to investing in therapy and personal growth. And I get it, I have been there […]

Intuition Development

One of the most common questions I receive from people when I speak on the subject of intuition development is how to learn how to listen to and work with their own intuition.

I believe that the ability to know and receive information beyond the confines of our rational mind is something we all have the ability to access and is a skill we can further develop with continued practice.

Intuition is not a rare phenomenon, it has been my experience that it is actually more rare to find someone who has never had a experience that could be considered to be […]

How Intuition Can Help You Navigate Challenging Times

Being a seeker on your own spiritual path comes with many rewards and blessings. Unfortunately it does not exempt anyone from going through the peaks and valleys of the human experiences; there will be challenging times.

Still I am grateful for how the practice and development of my own intuitive awareness has served me even during the most challenging times.

Recently a friend and I were pulling oracle cards for each other for fun. When she turned over one of my cards I instantly had the awareness that I my husband and I would soon be making an (unexpected) trip to India, […]

Keeping your Heart Open During the Stress of the Holidays

For many, the holidays are a far cry from ‘the most wonderful time of the year’. There can be a lot of ups and downs this time of year of many of us, but with a little planning, preparation and perspective we can survive the season relatively unscathed.

Recognize when to Opt for Quality Time over Quantity

The movies and media would have us believe that we must strive for a picture perfect image of family life, sharing time together with everyone getting along. There may be a few minor squabbles but ultimately everyone comes away closer and appreciating the time they […]

How to Get the Most out of Therapy

Have you been considering seeking help but are not sure how to find the right therapist to work with?

Therapy can involve a significant investment of time, money and energy and it is important to take your time and to do your research in selecting the right professional.
Time and again the research on positive results in therapy reveals that the relationship between the client and therapist is far more important than any specific approach or technique. It is essential that you find someone you feel comfortable to work with and can develop a trusting, collaborative relationship with. A psychologist is an expert on the process of change […]