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Our Babies/Children are Souls with Their Own Journey

They come through us but do not belong to us
They choose us – for all the opportunities for learning and growth

We may have had soul contacts to be family in this life.
It might not be our first lifetime together (although the roles may change).

They Chose us for what we bring as well as the ancestral patterns and lessons.
For positive traits and opportunities but also for the challenges and difficult lessons.

It is still our job to do our best to be the best parents we can.
But we don’t have to be perfect.

Remember this:
Souls aren’t looking for […]

How to Stop Being a People Pleaser

I used to be a full-time people pleaser. So many of my decisions were ruled by fears of what others would think, of letting other people down, and of being judged. Unfortunately women who are more sensitive or empathic are more susceptible to falling into the people pleasing trap.

The problem with excessive people pleasing is that no matter how hard we try we can never make everyone happy – that is just a fact. When we live our lives only for others, we leave no room for ourselves. We run into burn out and exhaustion. And we set ourselves up […]

How to Make Boundaries Work for You

Boundaries are our sense of where we end and where others begin. Appropriate boundaries are essential in protecting our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being. Healthy boundaries keep us safe and comfortable and also allow us to connect with others in meaningful and loving ways. Healthy boundaries protect both ourselves and our relationships with others. A healthy balance in boundaries is the awareness and respect for ourselves in what we can give without feeling depleted. It is the ability to say ‘no’ without feeling manipulated and to respect our own limits without feeling guilty.

Problems with boundaries can begin in […]

3 Tips for Weathering Times of Crisis and Intense Change

“There is nothing permanent except change.” ~ Heraclitus

Change is something we all have to face as a part of being human in this world. 

Change comes in many forms and expressions in our lives. 

It can come slowly and gradually, a long progression of one step after another.

Or it may come on suddenly, hitting us with the force of a tidal wave and thoroughly destroying the way things were in one fell swoop.

There are times when we can do our best to plan and prepare for change. Processing larger life changes can help us to adjust to the natural cycles and rhythms […]

Taking the Leap to Follow Your Passion

One of the areas I am passionate about in my practice is in supporting conscious professionals in taking the leap to leave a soul sucking day job to follow their passion and to pursue work they love.

This leap and all the fears that can come along with it is a process I am intimately familiar with myself; having taken the leap more than once to leave a salaried position to do my own thing.

There was a lot I learned the first time around. I took the leap without much of a plan in place or sense of what I was […]

Are your Kids Anxious? Here is How to Help Them Cope

It is heartbreaking to watch your child struggle with worries and not know how to help them. If your child struggles with anxiety my recent interview with Lumnio health may help.

Learn quick tips on how to recognize signs of anxiety in your child and steps you can take to help them.

Kids show their feelings in different ways than adults do.
Know what to look for.
Kids also need our help in learning to manage big emotions.
Learn 5 ways you can help your kids with anxiety.

Interested in Learning More? : Check out the full article over here

Choosing the Spiritual Path

Choosing to walk your own spiritual path is not a choice for the faint of heart.

It is not all sunshine and rainbows.

It will require that all that is not authentic be brought to the surface.

There will come a time (and time again and again) that you will need to face your own shadow self and the parts of yourself you would rather not see.

You will be more uncomfortable than you thought you could bear.

It may feel like your life is crumbing around you.

You will likely face your own dark night of the soul or many, many dark nights where you […]

How Many Sessions Will it Take for me to Feel Better?

It can be difficult to predict the exact number of sessions you may need in therapy, however there are general guidelines based on researching findings and clinical experience that can provide a helpful framework to address this question. 

There are 3 important factors to consider in addressing this question:

You Starting Point
Your Goals for Therapy
Your Life Circumstances and Therapeutic Factors

1) Your Starting Point:

The number of sessions and frequency of appointments you may need to benefit from therapy will depend on the type and severity of your concerns. This includes the extent and intensity of any symptoms you may be experiencing, how long […]

Should I Take Medication for my Depression/ Anxiety/Mental Health Concern?

This can be such a big question for so many people when they find themselves sturggling.

First of all I just want to clarify that Psychologists don’t prescribe medication. In Canada that role is reserved only for those with a medical degree: usually your doctor or a psychiatrist. 

A psychologist can help you work through your thoughts and feelings related to ideas around taking medication but cannot provide advice/recommendations on medications and potential side effects.

On occasion I have had people assume  that because I take a holistic approach to healing that I would also be against any form of medication. But for me […]

Tips for Reducing Feelings of Overwhelm as a Highly Sensitive Person

Be Aware of Where you May be “Too in” or “Too out”: 

For each of us it is important to find the balance between time for retreat and quiet reflection and down time from the world and for time to put ourselves out in the world, for connecting, doing and interacting. The ideal balance will depend on if we tend towards more introversion or extraversion and if we identify as Highly Sensitive or not. Our culture tends to push us towards the idealizing the more natural tendencies of non-sensitive extraverts but this may not be ideal for us personally. 

Look for What […]