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Taking the Leap to Follow Your Passion

One of the areas I am passionate about in my practice is in supporting conscious professionals in taking the leap to leave a soul sucking day job to follow their passion and to pursue work they love.

This leap and all the fears that can come along with it is a process I am intimately familiar with myself; having taken the leap more than once to leave a salaried position to do my own thing.

There was a lot I learned the first time around. I took the leap without much of a plan in place or sense of what I was […]

Are your Kids Anxious? Here is How to Help Them Cope

It is heartbreaking to watch your child struggle with worries and not know how to help them. If your child struggles with anxiety my recent interview with Lumnio health may help.

Learn quick tips on how to recognize signs of anxiety in your child and steps you can take to help them.

Kids show their feelings in different ways than adults do.
Know what to look for.
Kids also need our help in learning to manage big emotions.
Learn 5 ways you can help your kids with anxiety.

Interested in Learning More? : Check out the full article over here