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Should I Take Medication for my Depression/ Anxiety/Mental Health Concern?

This can be such a big question for so many people when they find themselves sturggling.

First of all I just want to clarify that Psychologists don’t prescribe medication. In Canada that role is reserved only for those with a medical degree: usually your doctor or a psychiatrist. 

A psychologist can help you work through your thoughts and feelings related to ideas around taking medication but cannot provide advice/recommendations on medications and potential side effects.

On occasion I have had people assume  that because I take a holistic approach to healing that I would also be against any form of medication. But for me […]

Tips for Reducing Feelings of Overwhelm as a Highly Sensitive Person

Be Aware of Where you May be “Too in” or “Too out”: 

For each of us it is important to find the balance between time for retreat and quiet reflection and down time from the world and for time to put ourselves out in the world, for connecting, doing and interacting. The ideal balance will depend on if we tend towards more introversion or extraversion and if we identify as Highly Sensitive or not. Our culture tends to push us towards the idealizing the more natural tendencies of non-sensitive extraverts but this may not be ideal for us personally. 

Look for What […]