Monthly Archives: October 2018

How to Cope in Times of Stress

How do you cope in times of stress? We all tend to fall into one of two patterns during challenging times. We can go into overfunctioning, taking over and trying to do everything to feel in control and avoid difficult feelings. Or we can go into underfunctining and feel frozen and helpless.


To find out more about your tendencies and steps to take to function more effectively in times of stress check out my editorial on this topic with The Ace Class

When it seems like Everything is Falling Apart

It is my first week back from maternity leave. It has been refreshing to be back in the office and back to serving clients. As I was preparing to return I have been reflecting on the evolution of my practice over the last few years. 

A year ago the concept of a home office was not even in my awareness. 

Yet spaces kept falling apart despite my best efforts and intention to find a commercial office space where I could grow my practice over the long term. 

Each attempt fell apart within a year. From buildings being sold and leases abruptly ended to […]