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How do I help someone else (who does not want help or is not willing to take steps for themselves)?

As a registered psychologist, I occasionally receive requests from a family member or friend who would like to schedule an appointment for someone they care about. Due to the ethical regulations of my profession I do need informed consent to connect with any adult who is not a legal dependant. At times, the person for whom the concern is about may not be aware that their loved one is calling on their behalf. If this person is an adult, their own legal guardian, and they are unable to unwilling to seek support, there is nothing I can do to force […]

3 Key Stages in my own Journey as a Highly Sensitive Person and Empath

1) Figuring out that I am a Highly Sensitive Person/Empath:

One of the major ‘ah-ha’ moments in my life occurred during an Intuitive Development workshop when I realized that my entire physical and emotional experience would shift and change as I directed my attention to the person I was partnered with for the exercises. Receiving feedback from other people that I was experiencing exactly how they were feeling, was a major eye opener. These were people that I did not know before the class and rationally could not know what was going on in their world. So it could not just […]