Monthly Archives: December 2016

How Intuition Can Help You Navigate Challenging Times

Being a seeker on your own spiritual path comes with many rewards and blessings. Unfortunately it does not exempt anyone from going through the peaks and valleys of the human experiences; there will be challenging times.

Still I am grateful for how the practice and development of my own intuitive awareness has served me even during the most challenging times.

Recently a friend and I were pulling oracle cards for each other for fun. When she turned over one of my cards I instantly had the awareness that I my husband and I would soon be making an (unexpected) trip to India, […]

Keeping your Heart Open During the Stress of the Holidays

For many, the holidays are a far cry from ‘the most wonderful time of the year’. There can be a lot of ups and downs this time of year of many of us, but with a little planning, preparation and perspective we can survive the season relatively unscathed.

Recognize when to Opt for Quality Time over Quantity

The movies and media would have us believe that we must strive for a picture perfect image of family life, sharing time together with everyone getting along. There may be a few minor squabbles but ultimately everyone comes away closer and appreciating the time they […]